About Us

Aero Teardrops Parts & Components

Aero Teardrops is a family-owned business in Portland, Oregon that builds custom trailers. Founded in 2015, it is run by Brian Seeley and Janice Levenhagen-Seeley. 

In late 2018, Brian and Janice received an email that teardroptrailers.net, a community standby for decades for teardrop trailer parts, was being shut down. Knowing firsthand how hard it can be to find parts when you're building a trailer, they immediately connected with Johnson Manufacturing and purchased the online store at the beginning of 2019. They are excited to continue serving the DIY community across the US (and the world!) with quality parts so that anyone can create the teardrop trailer of their dreams.

Note: As the store is transferred and becomes ATP (Aero Teardrops Parts), edits, updates, and new parts will find their way onto the website. Please be patient with us during this transfer, and feel free to contact us at store@aeroteardrops.com with any thoughts or questions!